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Cyberwar? No, malicious script kiddy

According to the lead Republican on the House Intelligence Committee, Peter Hoekstra, the U.S. should launch an all out retaliation against North Korea for their role in the recent cyber attacks on American and South Korean internet targets. Unfortunately for the American people, Mr. Hoekstra is either an idiot, willfully ignorant, or intentionally twisting […]

Warning: Fake twitter invites

Twitter has become popular enough now that the bad guys are starting to use it to get past your defenses. Beware of any invitations you may receive in your email inviting you to join Twitter. If the email includes an attachment that it wants you to run, it is fake. The real Twitter […]

Conficker worm fizzles… for now

The news has been full lately with hyperbole regarding the Conficker series of worms. If you believed some pundits, the Internet should have ground to a halt today as millions of infected computers picked up their new instructions for the coming armageddon. What really happened was… not much of anything. But that doesn’t mean […]