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Google Adsense year three… still not rich

Back in December of 2005 I added Google Adsense features to my site. As I said back then, I have no illusions of actually making money off of Adsense. Starting year three, my “a buck or two a month” estimate is holding remarkably true. I’m up to about $45 sitting in the Google coffers, […]

The Internet is a weird place…

I run several websites off of my one Linux server sitting here in my house.  I try to keep it reasonably secure: it’s behind a firewall with a limited number of open ports, I try to keep my software somewhat up to date, and I install code to intercept blatant attempts to spam or […]

What am I reading now?

I’ve added a new feature to my blog.  If you look on the right side, you’ll notice a “Now Reading” section.  You can also just click this link to go to the main summary page.


Testing out Windows Live Writer

This is a test post to see how Windows Live Writer works.  Windows Live Writer is an “off line” blog posting tool.  Naturally, it is designed to work with Windows Live blogs, but it also supports WordPress and others.


Posting Youtube content on WordPress…

Some folks might have noticed my posting of a Youtube “video” (actually, it’s mostly an “audio”, but that’s being picky) here a couple of days ago. The really observant probably noted that it didn’t work the first 68 times I tried to publish it. I thought I’d share a little about what I discovered […]

Good guide to using Ultimate Tag Warrior…

If you have no idea what tags are, or if you have never used WordPress, chances are you have no idea what Ultimate Tag Warrior (UTW) is. You can probably skip this post, but in case you are curious: tags are like keywords to help categorize posts. UTW is a plugin for WordPress by […]

A year with Google AdSense…and $19 richer!

I added Google AdSense to my blog in December of 2005. As I said back then, I was curious how it would work for me.


Long silence…catching up

I haven’t been posting here for a loooong time: over a month, I think.  So, what’s up?

In the past month, I’ve been doing the following things:

spent a lot of time exploring Second Life caught and started recovering from a really bad cold.  I’m still sick, but gradually returning to normal worked took […]

Ecto 2.0 for Windows and Ultimate Tag Warrior revisited

I mentioned previously that I had installed Ultimate Tag Warrior on my site.  In that posting, I implied that I had Ecto for Windows working with UTW.  The truth is, it only seemed to be working- in reality, Ecto was creating tags that UTW could work with, but it wasn’t able to read […]

Blog spam continues to pour in: Akismet starting to miss some…

It’s old news for the big bloggers, but for me its somewhat novel- the sheer volume of spam comments to my blog is growing at an amazing pace. You don’t see the spam in my comments because I both use Akismet (the spam filter for WordPress 2.x blogs) and moderate all comments. But here […]