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Nintendo Wii- Dumbest Name Ever

The “new generation” game consoles are stacking up to be pretty impressive. All of them are based on variations of the IBM Cell processor technology. The first out was Microsoft’s XBox 360, soon to be followed by Sony’s PlayStation 3 and Nintendo’s entry which was, until a few days ago, code named “Revolution”.


Strange computer behavior: IE7 and Firefox don’t get along?

I installed the IE7 beta on my computer earlier this week, and it *seemed* (on first glance) to be working fine alongside Firefox. But then I started noticing strangeness. My computer auto-rebooted several times due to failure of \WINDOWS\system32\lsass.exe, in one case involving the wdigest.dll module: this might be an indicator of several varieties […]

Microsoft wants *you* to try IE 7 Beta…

Microsoft is on its second beta of Internet Explorer 7, and they really want people to download and use it. I’ve been telling people who are having problems seeing my website “correctly” to use Firefox since IE 6 is full of CSS and DOM rendering bugs. IE7 will fix most of those problems, and […]

Online social networking backlash

Apparently its cool to “hook up” with other poeple online these days. Services like MySpace, Orkut, Friendster, and LinkedIn abound.


Staggering damage to the environment must be stopped!

This was an April Fool’s Joke: DHMO is water (H20)

I’m a small “e” environmentalist. But when I started reading about the proliferation of DHMO in our industry and the horrible damage it can cause to our natural world, my hackles rose. Something has to be done!


Sony Portable Reader- eBooks made reasonable

I’ve been casually following the story of the Sony Portable Reader– it only became really interesting to me when the price range was announced (around $400 US).


Its true: Alienware has been bought by Dell

I was really hoping it wasn’t true, but apparently it is: Alienware is being bought by Dell.

Why don’t I want it t be true? Well, Alienware builds hand-made boutique machines for the serious gamer. Dell builds commodity by the tens of millions for the home consumer. Dell is so much bigger than Alienware […]

RFID viruses? Tinfoil hat brigade thinks so…

According to some tinfoil hat wearing alarmists in the Netherlands, RFID chips can carry computer viruses

Now, normally, I’d just pass this off as more stupidity generated by the ignorant media. But the guys saying this have degrees, so this is a different class of quackery entirely.


Origami isnt a thing- its a specification: UMPC

Microsoft has completed the third and final week of their “buzz manufacturing” around something called Origami. As I suspected, the “Origami” isn’t a product that Microsoft is making. Instead, its a new platform spectication- the “Ultra Mobile PC” (UMPC). This isn’t a “Microsoft Only” show…no, their old buddies from Intel are also involved in […]

Microsoft Origami…what is it?

Microsoft is building some buzz around something called “Origami”. There is a lot of speculation regarding exactly what “Origami” is, including a complete website trying to gather all the information in one place. And at least one guy is writing poetry about the damn thing.