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Close enough for you, bub?

I’m going to the Abbotsford Airshow in a few weeks with my friend Chris.  I’m not terribly knowledgeable about aircraft, but I enjoy being able to get up close and personal with fighter jets in particular.


String Theory

I spent an hour or so today looking at xkcd, which is a stick-person comic for geeks.  Some of the humour is somewhat esoteric: math and statistics jokes, for example.  But there were plenty of gems.  This one is my favorite so far:


Voice recognition is fun

A couple of days ago I hooked up a USB headset.  For fun, I also activated Windows Vista’s voice recognition system.

It works, after a fashion.  Some of what I’m typing here I’m typing more or less directly using voice recognition.  But I have to do a tremendous amount of correction.  Let me give […]

Intel Veep wants you to play with his parts…

I found this quote on The Register from Intel’s VP and Director, Digital Enterprise Group, Steve Smith, really tickled my funny bone:


Posting Youtube content on WordPress…

Some folks might have noticed my posting of a Youtube “video” (actually, it’s mostly an “audio”, but that’s being picky) here a couple of days ago. The really observant probably noted that it didn’t work the first 68 times I tried to publish it. I thought I’d share a little about what I discovered […]

Cable nirvana…

I mentioned a couple of days ago that I’m cleaning up my office. Stage 2 was supposed to be “re-do the wiring”, but that became “stage 3” when I decided I needed to add a new filing cabinet and a few other things to help organize.


Proving I’m kinda stupid…

On Thursday I decided to install some driver updates for Vista. ATI has a new video driver, version 7.2. I had this crazy idea that this might solve my problem with putting the computer in standby mode. The rest of what happened is proof that, despite having a moderately high intelligence, I’m often rather […]

One more Vexing Vista Problem “solved”

Vista has a fancy utility program to help manage photographs and videos called “Windows Photo Gallery”. It has a bunch of nice features like the ability to tag images, and to automatically categorize them by date.


The continuing Vista saga

I keep making headway regarding outstanding problems with my migration to Vista. It appears that I’ve overcome the problem with EQ2Map Updater.

Apparently, some of the files in the map directory for EQ2Maps (E.G.: C:\Program Files (x86)\Sony\EverQuest II\UI\EQ2MAP) are/became read only. I removed the read only property and then EQ2Map Update stopped freezing […]

Another Vista problem and solution…

I’ve been having some “odd” email problems since installing Vista. One of my email accounts (Telus) fails (times out) with an error 0x800CCC19 whenever there is an email in my inbox longer than about one or two kilobytes. If I use my email service’s web interface and delete any such messages, the connection works […]