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2020 Rize-X: a couple of months with a lazy human

I posted here back in January about ordering an eBike and how I reached my decision to do so. I’ve had that bike, a 2020 Rize-X, for a couple of months now- more than enough time to develop some opinions….

My Rize-X on one of my slightly regular rides


Motorcycle road trip 2017: Selkirk International Loop

My brother Colin and I have started to make going on a motorcycle road trip to gather into an annual ‘tradition’.  This year, our trip was close to home: the Selkirk International Loop.


Recording my rides: the Race Optics EVO-HD Camera System

It occurred to me shortly after I bought my first motorbike last year that video taping my rides might be kind of interesting. I started investigating the various options, ranging from duct-taping or velcro-strapping an off-the rack home video camera onto my bike, through custom-built video rigs specific to motorcycling. What I settled on […]