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Time to eat the neighbour

I have been hearing about this book “Time to Eat the Dog?” that, as I understand it, goes into the carbon footprint of the pets we share our lives with. According to this book, a medium size dog has a greater carbon footprint than an average SUV. The conclusion, presumably selected for its shock […]

An extra month…

I mentioned a couple of posts ago how our cat Susu had fought back from a serious illness.  A few days ago, she took a turn for the worse and stopped eating again.  Susu didn’t have the strength to fight back this time.  We took her to the vet just a few hours ago, […]

Sadie is gone…

Our dog Sadie has been suffering increasingly from debilitating pain in her right front shoulder during the past few months. We’ve had her on several increasingly strong arthritis medications with no obvious beneficial effect.



Susu, one of our cats, has been very ill the last few weeks. It started with sneezing and runny eyes, and progressed to her curled in a corner and refusing to eat and drink. This is an emergency situation for cats, and so the vet was called in. A bit over two weeks […]