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Clear evidence of what is important…

A young man in the United States stands accused of a horrible crime. Federal agents recently raided his home, and he faces as much as ten years in a federal prison. According to his accusers, his wanton illegal acts are many and varied, and all necessary steps should be taken to insure he pays […]

SCO sells company so they can continue litigation: how very American!

SCO used to sell operating systems and related software based around Linux, Unix, and in their early years Xenix. A few years ago they decided to start suing everyone they could think of with the claim that companies like IBM, Novell, and RedHat had “stolen” their Unix intellectual property. You can read all about […]

Mentally retarded or evil: You be the Judge

A judge in Washington, DC, is apparently very easily stressed out. His life was ruined when a pair of pants he dropped off at the dry cleaners were lost. And the terrible mental trauma this has inflicted upon him is worth a mere $54 million dollars. He initially sued the ordinary working class owners […]

Wayne Crookes sues the Internet…

I found the following today during my usual morning coffee + web browsing session:

Wayne Crookes, a former campaign manager of the Green Party of Canada, said he “suffered an immense amount of frustration and emotional distress” over postings on Google’s, a free blog-hosting website, within an entry under his name in Wikipedia, […]

Now this is a legal disclaimer…

I was reading a disclaimer today regarding the Internet that was written in response to/was inspired by an equally thorough disclaimer written for a rock preserve (whatever that is).