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Totally misunderstanding the lessons of Nazi Germany

A senior Republican member of the US Government went to Auschwitz recently as reported in the Daily Beast. Rep. Clay Higgins decided it was perfectly acceptable to record a video blog while standing in the gas chambers where over a million Jews were murdered. Possibly worse, his recorded message revealed a complete lack of […]

Obama scales back plans for America after visiting Denny’s

I have to admit that I was pretty doubtful about Obama’s plans for the future of America. I’m glad to see he’s set some more realistic goals after seeing the reality of his country’s citizens during a visit to a Denny’s restaurant.


Knowledge workers vs Working with your hands

I am a “knowledge worker”. I design multi-media “webcast” applications and services, and lead a small team of smart, engaged developers- I occasionally get to write some code, but most of my “real” work involves middleware and server maintenance activities to keep our applications operational. My work is largely intellectual, and this is after […]

News for morons: lawnmowers can cut you!

I came across this report on Gizmodo today. The story is about one of those new robotic lawnmowers being recalled, detailed in the following excerpt: