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Power washers- the Karcher is dead, long live the Sun Joe

I have owned several electric power washers over my life, all of which were more or less suitable to my limited needs.  I use them to clean my deck, wash my car, and wash my motorcycle: nothing heavy.  And every single power washer I’ve owned has failed me in some way or another.  This […]

Spring flowers

Okay, it is actually almost summer now, but I took these pictures a month ago or so. Usually there comes a time in spring when the exuberant plant life, the birds singing, and the occasional bit of sun finally make me realize that the winter is over. Sometime around that day each year it […]

VanDusen Gardens

Irene and I met my friend Chris, his girlfriend Billie, his Mom, his brother Rick, and two of his Mom’s friends for a walk through VanDusen Gardens.