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Motorcycle Road Trip 2012 #1: Washington, Idaho, Montana, Alberta, and back again

My first “real” (i.e.: more than one day) motorcycle road trip of 2012 began on July 30. Myself, my nephew Shane, and our good friends Jeff and Tim set out on a journey to buy Shane a T-Shirt. Yes, that was the only actual specific, tangible objective of the trip. Everything else that happened was […]


Years from now, someone will ask “Who is Kelly Adams? Was he ever famous?” And the answer will be “No, of course not. But his brother Ron was once on TV…“

Seriously, though… Ron was interviewed by Global News while mowing his lawn a week or so ago. Apparently there is a ban […]

Houseguests depart = have to make my own meal

Janet and Gord, friends of Irene and myself from Edmonton (they actually introduced us) came out here last week. Unlike ordinary houseguests, though, they came to look after us: they fed us, cleaned up, and kept Irene entertained.


VanDusen Gardens

Irene and I met my friend Chris, his girlfriend Billie, his Mom, his brother Rick, and two of his Mom’s friends for a walk through VanDusen Gardens.