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Server outages due to office re-org

I am in the midst of another office cleanup. Unlike last year, I don’t think I’ll bore / shock you with too many pictures. But as I shuffle things around, I have to occasionally shut down the network- including the server that provides this website. I expect the outages to be fairly brief: so […]

Chemistry is fun

I have a stainless steel coffee mug that Irene bought me a while back that I really like.  I use it several times a day.  It is an extremely well made Oxo mug, highly polished inside, so it took a long time to build up a stain.  But eventually, even a really good coffee […]

Office cleanup: pictures!

In the “my God, I can’t believe he took pictures of that…” department, I give you…pictures of my office cleanup!

For the protection of the squeamish, I’ve put the pictures behind a break. Click “Read the rest…” to see them…if you dare!


Cleaning up…

Irene is going in for her second hip surgery next week. I’ll be working from home for a while as she recovers and gets mobile. In preparation for this, I’m taking *this* week off to re-organize my office and take care of a few other things around the house to make things ready for […]