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Top issue for 2008 U.S Election? Bullshit…

I found this parody video from the Onion to be a bit too close to the mark…


Barack Obama: Yes We Can

I don’t know much about the U.S. elections. I’ve sort of been absorbing the democratic nominations… I think I would be more or less happy with either Hillary or Barack becoming President. The republicans? Hmmm: the only ones I’ve heard about seem to be Right wing evangelist fruitcakes who think the earth was formed […]

Texas school board fires administrator over Intelligent Design opinion

Intelligent design is a theory of faith. Evolution is a theory of science.


MPAA to shut down universities and colleges…

I realize that the American legislative and judicial system is flawed. Money drives both systems: lobbyist groups can “encourage” legislators to re-write laws to suit them, and wealthy individuals or companies can sue the innocent and wronged into oblivion before their case is even heard in a court.


Blackwater- Contract murderers?

I read an article today regarding how a Blackwater sniper in Iraq apparently killed three Iraq government security guards.