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Willow is gone

Our cat Willow died today. Two hours ago, I was in Chilliwack visiting family, and Irene called me to tell me to come straight back and meet her at the emergency clinic. She had found Willow thrashing on the floor. Irene tells me that Willow was gone by the time she was at the […]

Cat banner…

I have added a cat banner which will appear periodically at the top of this page, along with my various tree and flower images. Here is a teeny tiny version for your enjoyment:

A couple of notes about these “rotating” images

if you have Javascript enabled, the image should rotate (change) every 20 […]

Engineers guide to cat yodelling…

I don’t particularly recommend the practice described by the following video, but it is rather funny….

CSI Cloverdale: Nutkin is down

Case Number: 20090504.23734.19 CSI ID: 4393 (Adams K) Case open date: 2009-05-04 14 AM Pacific Location: Geek house, Cloverdale, B.C.

Victim particulars

Complexion: black, wearing fur coat Gender: indeterminate Size: approximately 15 cm excluding 10-12 cm tail Weight: less than 250 gm Gang membership: Sciurus carolinensis (non-native; see also 1914 Stanley Park transplantation) Rigor […]

Spirit photos…

I was cleaning through some old CDs and came across a batch of photos of Irene’s horse Spirit that a friend of Irene’s had taken. I had forgotten how much I enjoyed them the first time around, and for some reason they had never made it into my gallery. I corrected that oversight, […]

Rommel’s last day…

Our cat, Rommel, died on Wednesday. Irene raced him to the vet when she found him in a diabetic coma early in the afternoon. The vet was unable to revive him.

Rommel has been with us most of his life: over 13 years. We adopted him from the SPCA in Edmonton when he […]

Iris is all grown up now…

Iris was spayed yesterday.  I was worried about the process, moreso than for our other cats.  For some reason, I have emotionally tied myself to Iris in a similar way to how I did with Whisper years ago.  And Whisper ultimately broke my heart when her little body gave out after her spaying operation.


Rommel develops another new ailment…

Our cat, Rommel, has had a rather checkered past when it comes to his own health. He entered our house as a basically healthy twelve week old kitten nearly twelve years ago. Within a few months he had fractured his kneecap (resulting in six weeks in a cast), and within a year he’d had […]

Pussy pictures…

I have a couple of kitten pictures of Iris and Bilbo that show how a fourteen year old and (at the time) a 14 week old kitten can co-exist.


Nimbus to be “it”ified tomorrow…

Our kittens are growing up…Nimbus goes tomorrow to have his “bits” removed.

It’s a comparatively minor operation for the male cats, with very little risk. It’s also essential if you consider yourself an even remotely responsible pet owner.