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About Me


Kelly.gif (87786 bytes) [1] That’s me, there on the left, holding my cat Bilbo. If you click on the picture, you can have the dubious pleasure of seeing a larger version.

So, who is Kelly Adams? I was born in an igloo in Edmonton, Alberta to Margaret (hi, Mom!) at the beginning of 1964. I had lots of different homes in Edmonton during my childhood, so I know the city reasonably well. Only one of my childhood friends persisted into adulthood (greetings, Tim!). I attended McNally Composite High, where I met my two “best friends”, Chris [2] and Jeff. I briefly attended University at the University of Alberta, but withdrew long before I could become educated.

I’m a computer geek of the first magnitude, having worked on everything from Timex Sinclairs to Mainframes. It all started when I saw a movie called Colossus… I now work for the company that, in fiction at least, built that fancy computer in 2001: A Space Odessy (“The HAL series has never made an error or miscalculation”).

I’m also a minor-key trekker, and am naturally a science fiction and fantasy fan. I read The Hobbit starting at the age of six, I, Robot at the age of eight, Dune when I was twelve, Foundation when I was thirteen, and The Chronicles of Thomas Covenant the Unbeliever when I was fifteen. Naturally, that isn’t all I’ve read 🙂

And, without a doubt, I am a role-playing gamer. I played AD&D since the age of 15 until my late thirties, and still game (albeit in other mediums) today: if you want some ideas as to why, check out my Old Gamer’s Legacy [3]. I also play computer games, having spent a couple of years engrossed in the world of Norrath (EverQuest [4]). I’ve also played Dark Age of Camelot [5], Asheron’s Call 2 [6], Anarchy Online [7], EverQuest 2 [8]World of Warcraft [9] and then back to EverQuest 2 again.  My wife Irene started playing EQ2 in 2006 and now regularly plays more than I do each week.  It is fun having her at my side as we slay dragons..

Since I was a little kid, I’ve wanted animal friends [10]. Allergies and my mobile childhood made this difficult, but now I’m making up for it. I started horseback riding when I was 25, continuing until I was about 35. My horse Topaz [11]taught me a great deal about how to talk to horses during this time.

I met Irene, my wife, soon after I started taking riding lessons. I saw a smart, attractive lady who looked great in riding breeches, she saw a guy who had a steady job and could sit on a horse without looking awkward. It was love at first sight 🙂 We’ve been married now for over eighteen years: I’ve kept my job, and Irene still looks great in riding pants…

In 2000 I took advantage of an opportunity to relocate to the West Coast. I gave up Topaz, whom I was no longer riding actively, and we moved our seven cats and Irene’s horse Spirit out here. My wife and I now live in the Lower Mainland of B.C., a place I love more and more each year. And I never thought I’d leave Edmonton…well, you just never know, do you?

The rest continues to change daily…