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The Xbox One- Six months later

I received my Xbox One back in November.  I have some observations to share after something approaching six months living with the big black box.

My biggest problem to date with the Xbox One has been network connectivity.  I don’t believe Xbox Live services are at fault.  Instead, I think my ISP, Telus, is doing some “traffic shaping” to control bandwidth on their network.  I also have recently been reconfiguring my network at home, and that caused some problems as well.  But I can’t really blame these problems on the One at all.

In total, I am still quite happy with the Xbox One.  I don’t feel any urge to buy a PS4- that box has no larger selection of games, and no particular benefits over the Xbox One.  That said, I don’t fault anyone for having chosen PS4.  The choice was and continues to be pretty difficult.

I also don’t blame people for holding off on joining the latest console generation: both consoles will likely really come into their own late this year.   Personally, I’m looking forward to Watch Dogs, and maybe the new Wolfenstein.  The game I was most looking forward to, Witcher 3, has been delayed until 2015.