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The New Year cometh…

Today is the last day of 2009, and the end of the first decade of the century. Time to look back, I suppose, and consider where we’ve been.


Newsflash: people who don’t like computers prefer non-geeky workspaces

According to a recent study at the University of Washington, people who aren’t really interested in computing science are even less interested if asked about it in a room with science fiction paraphernalia, games, and soft drink cans. Apparently some of these non-technically-inclined people are women. Glory be, we have a great discovery!

Actually, […]

The internet is… a man… with strange thumbs

After years of thinking the Internet was a collection of tubes, we now have a more definitive explanation, in video form…

This video is created, as it says, based on snippets extracted out of context from a BBC program…amazing how something so basically childish can be so darn funny!