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Week of weird occurrences

It is funny how many things have appeared this week in the news that made me pause. There is really no relationship between any of these things, other than whatever connections exist within my mind. But this week seems full of oddities and changes that interact in unusual ways for me.

Let’s look at the list of things that this week has brought and which stuck in my mind for some reason or another:

What do all these events have to do with each other? On first glance, absolutely nothing other than the fact that they happen to have occurred during this particular week. But as I look at them, it seems that each incident tweaks a memory that has some direct meaning for me. These were individuals or institutions that formed milestones to particular stages of my life, and as each came in on the newsfeeds a different set of memories was unlocked. And, in some way or another, each piece of news hammered a stake in the heart of that memory. Not just filed away now, but gone and unrecoverable.
Farewell Ed, Farrah, and Michael. So long Id and Mythic. You’ll all live on in some fashion in my memories, until the inevitable day when I’m gone.

Update: and now I just got word that my “first” cat, Leopard [11], has died. She was 19, and we had to find a new home for her about twelve years ago when she became unhappy in our growing cat family. She’s lived the last twelve years in a single-cat household with a really nice couple in Edmonton. They just called now to let us know she had passed away on Monday…