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Sweet Jeebus: woman injured with saber saw sex toy…


This isn’t the usual thing I write about, but when I read about it on Gizmodo [1] and then saw it confirmed on NBC news [2], I was… well, amazed. Apparently, a woman and her boyfriend decided to try something different in bed. He hooked up a dildo over top of the blade of his reciprocating saw. Power was applied, the saw cut through the dildo, and then started cutting through the girlfriend. A few more moments, and this might have been a 2009 entry for the Darwin awards [3]….

The question must be asked: was it the guy’s idea, or the woman’s? And if it was his idea, is this a dozen rose situation? A diamond bracelet oopsy? Or a pack your bags and hit the road error? Whatever the answer, here is Kelly’s Safety Tip of the Day: Don’t buy your sex toys at Home Depot. Just… don’t.