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Our vacation: Victoria Tall Ships 2008

Irene and I spent the last five days over on Vancouver Island in Victoria for the Tall Ships Festival. I had a good time, and would particularly recommend seeing the Tall Ships to someone who has a moderate to strong interest in the age of sail. So what did we see? Well, a lot […]

Longest outage of my site in five years

Kelly’s World has been down since I left on vacation on Wednesday. Of course my faithful readers (Hi Mom!) have my sincere apologies. From what I can see, my main network switch crashed within hours of us getting in my car. I have no real explanation for the failure other than some sort of […]

Optimizing WordPress performance

My blog doesn’t get a lot of traffic. It has never been referenced on Slashdot. No one Diggs me. Basically, folks who find my site do so via a search engine, more or less by accident, or are friends and family. The fact that my site has been here at for a number […]

Vacation starts…

My vacation started on Friday. Well, technically, the days off work start on Monday, but on Friday I realized I’d already worked 50 hours for the week by about noon, and I was feeling beat… so I set up my out-of-office email auto-responder agent, changed my answering machine message, and shut down my work […]

A new family member… the iMac

I received my second Macintosh a couple of weeks ago and thought I’d share some photos and thoughts regarding the new arrival.


UPDATED: House upgrade 2008: the deck and spa

I turned in my beer bottles and decided to put the windfall towards a new deck. Step #1 is: destroy the old deck.


My grand niece, Grace

My niece, Marnie, her husband Murray, and their six month old baby Grace came out to visit folks on the left coast a few weeks ago. I took a few photos…


Spring flowers

Okay, it is actually almost summer now, but I took these pictures a month ago or so. Usually there comes a time in spring when the exuberant plant life, the birds singing, and the occasional bit of sun finally make me realize that the winter is over. Sometime around that day each year it […]

It’s a big ass table…

Microsoft has been working on something they call “Surface” technology. Basically, it is a touch sensitive user interface, and it is usually demonstrated using a large, flat horizontal LCD panel… a table. I’ve had my doubts about the usefulness of this technology outside of a niche environment- but I’m ready to be proven wrong. […]