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House explosion reveals antiquated notion of housing market

The CBC reported today that an explosion leveled a home in Surrey worth “nearly $1 million.”


News for morons: lawnmowers can cut you!

I came across this report on Gizmodo today. The story is about one of those new robotic lawnmowers being recalled, detailed in the following excerpt:


New washer and dryer

Our washer died about a week ago. It was a Maytag Neptune frontload purchased in late 2000, so its failure was more or less inevitable. The point of failure was in the control panel: the washer locking mechanism blew out, which caused a cascade failure in the control board. Repair would have been $600-$800.


NSFW: A totally different way to promote net neutrality…

Tania Derveaux supports net neutrality. That’s great, but the way she has chosen to demonstrate her support is a bit unique.


Internet will be full by 2010- or so says AT&T doofus

According to Jim Cicconi, “Vice president of legislative affairs” at AT&T, the whole Internet will be completely full by 2010. If you believe Jim, 20 typical households in 2010 will generate more traffic than the entire Internet today.


Linksys RV016 and Motorola SurfBoard 5102 modem = sad network

A couple of weeks ago I added a second network service provider to my home. The idea was to improve my home office internet access speed and provide redundancy. My thinking is that it is unlikely that both a cable broadband service from Shaw and ADSL service from Telus would both be down at […]

Iron Man trailer to be adapted into full length film?!

I’m shocked and disappointed. Apparently, that Iron Man trailer I told you about some time ago is being made into a (are you sitting down?) a *movie*


Site restructuring underway

You may noticed that some odd changes here during the past day or so. This is part of a long term plan I’ve had to tidy up and “rethink” the structure of the site.

The plan is to have easily accessible links to posts specific to each category as part of the main […]

A decade later, and Wireless networking still sucks

I would love to have a no-compromise wireless network in my home. In this imaginary scenario, I would be able to put a computer anywhere in the house, even carry one out onto the patio, and get something approaching gigabit Ethernet speeds. Heck, I’d even be happy with half that: 300 Mbps… or even […]

Website outage

I discovered a problem with my blog when I posted my rant about my Cisco RV016 earlier today. After all my network shuffling around, the website was loading very, very slowly. The WordPress blog was taking several minutes to render, whereas the other blogs on the server were behaving normally.

I tried a great […]