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“Global warming”, my ass

I’m looking out the window into our back yard, where we have several big flower bushes with hundreds of flowers in bloom. It is spring… except for the little fact that it is pelting down snow at the moment.

Snow… in lower mainland B.C…. at the end of March. Did someone forget to send the memo out indicating that it is spring? Any time this sort of thing happens, I really wonder about the whole “global warming… the sky is falling! We are all dooooomed!” mantra. Sure, it is just one isolated incident, but as an individual it is really hard to accept that the world is markedly warmer when I’m looking at snow falling at the end of March.

Ah well… back to watching the flowers droop under the increasing weight of the snow. I’m exaggerating, of course: the snow is melting as soon as it hits the ground, but who knows? We could be entering another ice age as I speak.