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One remote to rule them all…

Our home entertainment system currently requires a lot of remote controls. One for the TV, one for the DVR, one for the amplifier, one for the Apple TV device I just bought, and one “universal” remote that tries (and fails) to control them all.

The irritating thing, of course, is that several of these […]

How not to show off your piercings…

I’ve often wondered how the pre-flight security checks handle people with “intimate piercings”: now I know. Rather rudely, apparently.

On the one hand, I can feel sorry for the poor woman who was forced to rip her nipple piercing out with a pair of pliers…

On the […]

Worthless bags of feces attack epileptics

I have very little patience for people online who think it is their right to disrupt, harass, and harm others purely because they can. I am talking about griefers: a term that began its life in multi-player games as a name for all the people for whom the primary source of fun was ruining […]

“Global warming”, my ass

I’m looking out the window into our back yard, where we have several big flower bushes with hundreds of flowers in bloom. It is spring… except for the little fact that it is pelting down snow at the moment.


Skeet shooting… with cars?

I came across this video on Gizmodo today and… well, there is something about automatic weapons, rockets, and cars instead of clay pigeons that just tickles my funny bone.


Fujitsu to make bigger “fast” laptop drives

I’m pretty happy with my Macbook Pro. But on the day I bought it, I started planning upgrades: I’m a geek, after all.

The first thing on my list- upgrade from the default 2 GB to 4 GB of RAM. That was done about a week after I bought the machine. Second on my […]

The Sword and the Sorcerer… a tale of my aging memory

I spent a couple of hours this weekend trying to remember the name of a movie I vaguely recall watching many years ago. It was back in the ’80s, during the era of Conan and its imitators: the era of Sword and Sorcery movies. I recall the film being kind of fun: a first […]

Office re-org 2008

I promised earlier that I would post some pictures and information regarding my home office “refresh”, and this post is my attempt to fulfill that commitment. I’m basically done, and I’m happy with the change- happier than last year.


iPod in Space…

I came across this photo on Gizmodo and thought it was sufficiently odd to reference here:


Wouldn’t you know it…

I just completed a completely unnecessary and unintentionally expensive upgrade to my main gaming computer. Of course, this means it is time for something to unexpectedly break and need replacing.