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You win some, you lose some

In my previous post, I mentioned a couple of gotchas regarding my server upgrade and the Linux install thereon. A day later and things have changed again.


New server mostly up and running

I seem to have reversed the forces of entropy! The new server is basically operational, and this blog is now being served by fresh, clean hardware. I’ll post something detailing the innards of the new box this upcoming weekend.


Broken Website…

I broke the website earlier today. I think I’ve established the Computing Law of Quantum Superposition. Specifically: a computing system is in all possible states until it is observed, at which point it collapses into a single state. Unfortunately, the single state is always “non-functional”.


Mandriva Linux 2008 and vncserver

I mentioned a few days ago that I ordered parts for a new webserver. I picked up the pieces on Saturday, and finished the physical assembly in a couple of hours. It is a very compact and, dare I say, “cute” box. I’ll have to take some pictures of it once everything is finished.



I played World of Warcraft a couple of years ago when my Nephew and family decided to check it out. I didn’t mind it, but was just starting to get into EQ2 when we moved and so it was a bit frustrating in that regard. Within a month or two we moved back to […]

Parts is parts- new web server coming

I’ve been pondering the replacement of my web server, the machine that runs this website, for about a year now. I finally took the leap today and placed the parts order with my favorite computer component dealer, NCIX. A new chassis, motherboard, processor (Intel!), memory, and flat panel display are now waiting to be […]

One of my predictions already half-true: Taunting a factor in tiger attack

My 2008 predictions are already coming true! Apparently, the three young men who were attacked by the Siberian tiger at the San Francisco zoo were drunk and stoned on marijuana, were standing on the retaining wall around the tigers enclosure, and were yelling and taunting the cat.


MacWorld stuff: Time Capsule and Apple TV v2.0

Steve Jobs and his reality distortion field apparently put on a relatively quiet show at MacWorld today. Apple stock dropped about $10 on comparatively underwhelming (to the analysts) product announcements- basically, there was no iPhone this year.


Assassin’s Creed a worthy adventure…

Title Assassin’s Creed Developer Ubisoft Type Third person Sneaker Platform(s) Xbox 360, PlayStation 3: Windows sometime in 2008 Kelly Score ™ 92 / 100

I believe it is appropriate to note that I am not a historian before I say anything about Assassin’s Creed. Furthermore, I am not a religious person- I’m an agnostic. […]

Bill Cosby was fun

Irene and I went to see Bill Cosby on Friday night at the Red Robinson Theatre. I’ve always enjoyed Mr. Cosby’s stand up comedy, but I have never actually seen him “live” before. Despite the fact that Bill is over 70 now I can assure you that he still has “it”.