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Kelly’s predictions for 2008

I think the tradition of making predictions of the future near the turn of the New Year is vacuous and stupid. That’s why I’m planning on making predictions for the first time here on my blog- “vacuous and stupid” is my middle name 😉


Life marches on…

I remember spending a couple of summers on my Uncle George and Aunt Yvonne’s farm when I was about eight or ten years old. Two of my Uncles, George and Charlie Gillies, and my Grandma lived near Big Beaver, Saskatchewan. The family farm, split between the two brothers, had grown to several thousand acres […]

Warm, fuzzy…automatic weapon?

The element of surprise…it is critical for special forces military operatives. So a gun that can shoot around corners makes perfect sense. But a gun barrel poking around the corner still looks like a gun barrel…unless you camouflage it.


Merry Christmas!

Irene and I opened our gifts a couple of hours ago. We both received lots of wonderful things, but most of all we got the best gift of all: each other.

Each year at Christmas time I like to take a moment to reflect upon everyone who is not so fortunate, or who as […]

Crysis: a First Person Shooter as it should be done

Title Crysis Developer Crytek Type First Person Shooter Platform(s) Windows XP/Vista Kelly Score ™ 95

I bought Halo 3 on my XBox 360 shortly after it came out. I didn’t expect much from it- and that’s what I got. The Halo franchise is good, but has never really “wow”ed me.

At its root, I’d […]

I like boxen…so why are hard drive enclosures so bad?

If there is one thing that can make me giddy when I’m working on a computer upgrade project, it is a well-designed case or chassis. Well-designed means:

the pieces slot together with minimal effort I can open the box without special tools or fiddly screws the edges and corners are nicely turned with no […]

Next year’s PC…

I was starting to think that the tide might be turning away from ATI + AMD: my favoured platform for the last four years or so. Both Intel and NVidia have been ahead of ATI/AMD now for about a year in terms of top-end video card and CPU performance.


Introduction of “Canadian DMCA” bill delayed?

The Conservatives appear to have delayed introducing the new DMCA-like copyright bill I mentioned in a previous post. Some people are saying that this delay is a result of the vocal reactions from various quarters, particularly on the Internet.


“Send your email as HTML” just a *suggestion* on the Mac

I have a deep, dark secret to admit: I often send email using HTML/rich text features. I know, it is shocking: but I fear the seductive features of things like fonts, bold facing, and colour have turned me from the true path of pure text.


Bad Behavior behaving badly…hopefully fixed

Running a public website of any kind means having to deal with various unwanted guests. This blog, for example, receives around 300 spam comment posts a day, and any number of attempts to break in.