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I went to a hockey game…

Once in a very long while I’ll do something that isn’t really “me”. Today, I went to an NHL pre-season hockey game at GM Place.

It is worth while to note that I am not a sports person. There isn’t a single sport that I watch: not football, not baseball, not hockey, not basketball…none […]

Electric cars…

I want a fully electric car.  One that can go 200 km at highway speeds on an over-night charge.  I might accept a chargeable hybrid: one that has sufficient battery capacity to go 100 km or so on a full charge before the gas engine kicks in.


Old school gamers

I went to meet my Mom and sister Judy at the casino today.  This is a pretty common thing: every couple of weeks they come to the Langley Cascades Casino where Irene and I join them for brunch.  But this day was to be a day for resolving a mystery.  For a week or […]

Chemistry is fun

I have a stainless steel coffee mug that Irene bought me a while back that I really like.  I use it several times a day.  It is an extremely well made Oxo mug, highly polished inside, so it took a long time to build up a stain.  But eventually, even a really good coffee […]


I finished BioShock last night.  I won’t spoil the game by revealing its secrets, but the ending was…a let down.

Don’t get me wrong: BioShock still has my strongest recommendation- I really enjoyed the game, and my rating is unchanged.  But endings are always hard, and it seems that the better an entertainment is, […]

Journey down the Root Canal

My visit to the endodontist yesterday (Tuesday) could be described as a success. He confirmed based on my description of the pain and a neat diagnostic trick involving a piece of ice that a root canal was in order. And the endodontist was able to immediately proceed…so long as I paid the deposit and […]


Title BioShock Developer 2K Boston / 2K Australia Type First Person Action RPG Platform(s) XBox 360, Windows Kelly Score ™ 95 / 100

It was a great relief on a lot of levels to play BioShock after my rant about checkpoint saves the other day. In addition to being an XBox 360 game (also […]