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Close enough for you, bub?

I’m going to the Abbotsford Airshow in a few weeks with my friend Chris.  I’m not terribly knowledgeable about aircraft, but I enjoy being able to get up close and personal with fighter jets in particular.


Case mods…game over, this guy won

There is a sub-class of computer enthusiasts who build extreme gaming rigs.  They do crazy things like refrigeration for cooling, and spend thousands of dollars to squeeze an extra 5% of performance out of their computer.


Strange juxtaposition…

There were two news stories on my desktop today that, individually, were sad tales of accidental death. But side by side as they were, they pointed out the difference between a life well spent and a sad waste.


Common sense is hardly common…

I am feeling “fat”, and I know exactly what I need to do to fix it.  Eat less junk (not necessarily less *food*, just less junk), and be more active.  But knowing what needs to be done and doing it are two entirely different things.  Fortunately (?), I’ve stabilized for the moment at around […]

Burned kitten receiving first-rate care

My previous post was angry, and looked at the worst aspects of the human animal and how some can sink to levels that might drive me to violence against them. I find it really difficult to soften my feelings towards the two teenagers involved.


If I met these two witches with a gun in my hand…

Two darling teenage girls out for a walk saw a stack of cages containing feral cats. As a light hearted lark, they poured lighter fluid on one and set it on fire, laughing at their uproarious hi-jinx.


Warm enough for you?

It was 38 degrees Celsius here on Wednesday.  It was about 32 today, and about the same on Monday and Tuesday.  I like warm weather, but “warm” to me is 25 degrees. 

We’d probably have central air conditioning in our house if this kind of weather was common.  Instead, we make do.  Our […]

Supreme Commander: Victory is mine!

Title Supreme Commander Developer Gas Powered Games Type Real Time Strategy Platform(s) XBox 360, Windows Kelly Score ™ 95 / 100 […]

String Theory

I spent an hour or so today looking at xkcd, which is a stick-person comic for geeks.  Some of the humour is somewhat esoteric: math and statistics jokes, for example.  But there were plenty of gems.  This one is my favorite so far:


iPhone battery- iPod part 2

Apple learned a great deal from the battery complaints that users had about the early iPods.  First, instead of just making it challenging to get at the battery in the iPhone, they have actually soldered it in.  Second, they have announced the battery replacement cost and policy almost concurrent with the release of the phone itself […]