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Are we talking to ourselves?

I read a blog entry today giving an opinion regarding a book on the topic of whether or not user-created content is killing our culture (Is the web killing our culture? – (37signals) ).  My immediate reaction to the topic of the article was that the author of the book is probably a professional […]

America: Police State

As a Canadian, I suffer from every little twitch our American friends make. And as I see more and more evidence of the devolution of that once free (if somewhat arrogant) nation into fear-crippled police state, I feel I have cause to worry.



I captured this photo of an elusive wild mammal in our backyard about three weeks ago

Is it a Sasquatch? An alien? Elvis??!!


War and Peace finished…

It took me over two weeks, which is a long time for me, but I finished reading War and Peace (the Project Gutenberg edition) yesterday.  I even wrote a one paragraph summary of my impressions of the book.  I’m only a century or so late 🙂 


Dear U.S. Department of Homeland Security…

I hear you’ve been under a lot of pressure lately.  It’s tough trying to look like you can do something to actually solve the terrorist problem.  Especially since anyone can be a terrorist: white guys, Asian guys, or maybe Islamic guys.   Heck, you need a big list to keep track of whose who, and […]

Kitten editorializing…

I’ve been working a lot lately, scrambling to catch up with some application programming work.  Part of this is a result of being behind the technological curve in terms of the particular programming environment I’m working in (J2EE/WebSphere/Hibernate/Spring).  Suffice it to say I’ve been working some overtime.


Windows Live Writer Beta 2

I mentioned some months ago that I was experimenting with Windows Live Writer.  This is an off-line blog editor, somewhat like Ecto or Qumana.  I’ve been quietly using the Beta 1 version ever since, and have been very happy with its functionality. 


Mentally retarded or evil: You be the Judge

A judge in Washington, DC, is apparently very easily stressed out. His life was ruined when a pair of pants he dropped off at the dry cleaners were lost. And the terrible mental trauma this has inflicted upon him is worth a mere $54 million dollars. He initially sued the ordinary working class owners […]

iLiad Update v2.10 solves CF memory card problem

I mentioned in my review of the iLiad a week or so ago that I was experiencing some problems with the CF memory card I bought not being consistently recognized. About 50% of the time I started up the iLiad, my PYN 8GB Compact Flash memory card would not appear despite being physically inserted. […]

Back pain: drugs are good

My back problems flared up today big time.  I have some hinky stuff going on with my C4/C5 vertebrae- arthritic growths/bony spurs, microfractures, and stuff like that.  Once in a while something happens and the bones pinch the nerves that run through/near them, or at least that’s how it was explained to me.