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iLiad mini-Review

Electronic books, or “e-books”, are coming. Some would say they are already here, with several major releases such as the Sony Reader and iRex iLiad over the last year or so.

What is the big deal? Haven’t we been able to read books on computers or electronic devices for years? Yes, but try […]

Rommel’s last day…

Our cat, Rommel, died on Wednesday. Irene raced him to the vet when she found him in a diabetic coma early in the afternoon. The vet was unable to revive him.

Rommel has been with us most of his life: over 13 years. We adopted him from the SPCA in Edmonton when he […]

i-Phone: second coming of Jesus?

All the cool people in the world use Macintoshes.  If you use something other than a Macintosh you are, by definition, not cool.  It goes without saying that the only real innovation that takes place in the world takes place on a Macintosh, and the greatest innovations that occur on Macintoshes occur within the Holy Shrine itself: […]

Snowbird crash

My friend Chris and I make a regular habit of going together to airshows.  I’m not terribly knowledgeable about aircraft, but I greatly enjoy the chance to walk up close and see the planes.  And watching the performances put on by the incredibly skilled pilots that headline the major shows is something I look forward to.


e-Books: Leaping in early…

I’ve been watching e-Ink technology, waiting for it to be mature enough to make it a practical choice for supplementing/replacing my paper technical books.  Products using this technology started to become available a little over a year ago, and I wrote a bit about them at the time.


Voice recognition is fun

A couple of days ago I hooked up a USB headset.  For fun, I also activated Windows Vista’s voice recognition system.

It works, after a fashion.  Some of what I’m typing here I’m typing more or less directly using voice recognition.  But I have to do a tremendous amount of correction.  Let me give […]

Some days I feel almost smart…

I’m a technical worker. I think that the more generic term for my kind of work is “knowledge worker”, but whatever you call it, my stock in trade is generated by my gray matter.

I am not a genius: far from it, in fact. Every complex thing I figure out takes a tremendous amount […]

Playing Fable…

Title Fable Developer Lionhead Type Role playing game Platform(s) XBox, XBox 360 (emulation mode) Kelly Score ™ 90 / 100

Lionhead games released a game called “Fable” (note: site uses Flash plugin) a few years ago. I dismissed it because a few folks who liked “goofy/cartoonish” style games thought it was a great thing.