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Intel Veep wants you to play with his parts…

I found this quote on The Register from Intel’s VP and Director, Digital Enterprise Group, Steve Smith [1], really tickled my funny bone:

“Having enthusiasts play with our parts is our goal here…”

No offense, Steve, but I have no desire to “play with your parts”.  Hopefully, Steve has a good sense of humour. 

I think this quote probably came in the context of Intel’s “Viiv” platform [2], which I understand to be intended to standardize/simplify use of Intel products in home entertainment devices.  It isn’t a new technology in and of itself, at least I don’t see one: it’s more like a recipe.  Take a Core Duo/Quad core, chuck in some audio and video, and add a funky remote, pay Intel so you can put a sticker on the box- presto, Viiv.

To me, Viiv looks a lot like the Microsoft Origami thing from a year or so ago- a platform standard, not a product, and frankly that’s hard for me (and probably others) to get excited about.  Intel has some promotional things going on to generate some buzz around Viiv.  For example, they had a competition for companies/people to submit system designs using the Viiv platform specifications [3].  The winner doesn’t look bad, but what’s up with the beige second place finisher?  Sorry, but that thing is uggggleeee.

Ah well…at least there are *some* techno-gadgets that are interesting: for example, a snazzy looking new USB microscope [4].

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