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Iris is all grown up now…

Iris was spayed yesterday.  I was worried about the process, moreso than for our other cats.  For some reason, I have emotionally tied myself to Iris in a similar way to how I did with Whisper years ago.  And Whisper ultimately broke my heart when her little body gave out after her spaying operation.


Robert Scoble upset he didn't get a free ticket...

There was a shudder throughout the Internet today: Robert Scoble, former Official Blogger for Microsoft and now writer/podcaster for PodTech.Net, didn’t receive an invite to a Microsoft developer conference. A fellow at Microsoft by the name of Alfred Thompson responded saying (more or less) that Scoble isn’t the target audience for the conference anyway. […]

Battlefield 2142 v1.20 patch dies on Vista

I’ve spent another fun day banging my head against a brick wall. The light I’m starting to see is from the cracks in my skull…

I downloaded Battlefield 2142 via EA Link yesterday. Being a good little user, I also downloaded and installed the v1.20 patch before even trying the game. I figured that […]

Wayne Crookes sues the Internet…

I found the following today during my usual morning coffee + web browsing session:

Wayne Crookes, a former campaign manager of the Green Party of Canada, said he “suffered an immense amount of frustration and emotional distress” over postings on Google’s, a free blog-hosting website, within an entry under his name in Wikipedia, […]

The Death of a Dragon…

I was reading one of my new favorite comics (thanks, Leaha!), and came across a mention of this:

April 19, 2007 (BELLEVUE, Wash.) – Paizo Publishing and Wizards of the Coast today announced the conclusion of Paizo’s license to produce DRAGON and DUNGEON magazines effective September 2007.

Source: NEWS: Paizo Publishing to […]

Intel Veep wants you to play with his parts…

I found this quote on The Register from Intel’s VP and Director, Digital Enterprise Group, Steve Smith, really tickled my funny bone:


Sony DVD copy protection prevents replay in some Sony DVD players…

Sony just can’t seem to stop screwing their customers with various forms of DRM. First there was the Sony CD rootkit debacle (insert a Sony CD into your PC and get hacked by the best!) Now it appears that several of their latest DVD releases, including Stranger than Fiction and Casino Royal, won’t work […]

Are Cell Phones Wiping Out Bees? No…

I am getting tired of the periodic pseudo-scientific “cellphones cause <catastrophe of your choice>” claptrap that gets picked up by the media.  The latest one was brought to my attention earlier today via Slashdot:


I survived!

I am fortunate to have an employer who was able to allow me to work from home while Irene recovered from her second hip replacement. It made things much less stressful for all involved.

Working from home for a month, though, leads to some odd behavior. My hours of work were scattered all over […]

Thinking again about an RSS feed reader…

I have toyed periodically with various ways of monitoring RSS feeds and bringing them to my desktop.  Nothing I’ve used has felt quite “right”, and like PDAs I’ve ultimately ended up relegating several “almost but not quite” solutions to the junk bin.  I’m feeling tempted to try again.