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Pussy pictures…

I have a couple of kitten pictures of Iris and Bilbo that show how a fourteen year old and (at the time) a 14 week old kitten can co-exist.


Gothic 3 and Vista: getting it to work

I played a great game of “Make the Game work with Vista” earlier this week. It was fun! I give it an 8 out of 10. How is the game itself? I’ll tell you in a few days…

The game in question here is Gothic 3 by Aspyr. I collected answers to most of […]

Vanguard: another year, another MMOG…

Title Vanguard Developer SoE (Sigil) Type MMORPG Platform(s) Windows Kelly Score ™ 70 / 100 […]

Irene’s Surgery update

Irene went in to the hospital today for her second hip replacement surgery (left hip this time). Everything seems to have gone well: she was in pre-op at 8:00 am, entered the surgical ward around 9:30, surgery around 10:00 am done by about noon, out of post op by around 2:00 pm.


Good guide to using Ultimate Tag Warrior…

If you have no idea what tags are, or if you have never used WordPress, chances are you have no idea what Ultimate Tag Warrior (UTW) is. You can probably skip this post, but in case you are curious: tags are like keywords to help categorize posts. UTW is a plugin for WordPress by […]

Office cleanup: pictures!

In the “my God, I can’t believe he took pictures of that…” department, I give you…pictures of my office cleanup!

For the protection of the squeamish, I’ve put the pictures behind a break. Click “Read the rest…” to see them…if you dare!


Timing is everything…

How about this for timing….on February 27th, I upgraded my version of WordPress from 2.0.4 to 2.1.1. It was quite some time since my last upgrade, and there were several security fixes that I needed to get installed. I was briefly proud of myself for getting my site sort of up to date.



Someone has been submitting about five “Viagra!” news items to one of my websites every day now for about six months. Such news items are moderated, and never appear on the site since I delete them. That’s dumb.


Cable nirvana…

I mentioned a couple of days ago that I’m cleaning up my office. Stage 2 was supposed to be “re-do the wiring”, but that became “stage 3” when I decided I needed to add a new filing cabinet and a few other things to help organize.