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Irene’s Surgery update

Irene went in to the hospital today for her second hip replacement surgery (left hip this time).  Everything seems to have gone well: she was in pre-op at 8:00 am, entered the surgical ward around 9:30, surgery around 10:00 am done by about noon, out of post op by around 2:00 pm. 

I wasn’t able to see her at all from 9:30 am until about 2:00 pm, and her surgeon wasn’t around to talk to me.  However, Irene seems fine, although basically she was sleeping the whole time I was with her.  I got home about 30 minutes ago.  I felt kind of bad leaving, but the cats need to be fed.  And stupid as it sounds, I was starting to feel pretty zonked by about 4:00 pm- I was becoming jeleaous of Irene’s comfy bed and her snores 🙂

I’ll be going back to the hospital tomorrow to visit.  Irene should be home by Thursday, assuming things go as per plan.  Thanks to everyone for all the kind thoughts you have relayed!