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Good guide to using Ultimate Tag Warrior…

If you have no idea what tags are, or if you have never used WordPress, chances are you have no idea what Ultimate Tag Warrior [1] (UTW) is.   You can probably skip this post, but in case you are curious: tags are like keywords to help categorize posts.  UTW is a plugin for WordPress by Christine Davis [2]to help posters manage tags within their blog.  

If you have WordPress and know at least a bit about tags…get UTW.  Don’t hesitate- it really is that good.  Basically, it is totally invisible to me- it just works, and that to me is a sign of true elegance.  ’nuff said about that.

I use UTW here, and like it.  All of my posts are tagged, and I have a tag cloud [3] in the right navigation bar.  I realized it was getting cluttered, with a couple hundred tags showing.  I wanted to just show the top 50 or so tags, at least for now…but it’s been months since I last did anything with UTW, so I forgot how.

A quick Google search led me to a great resource: Lorelle VanFossen’s Ultimate Tag Warrior for Dummies [4].  It had the answer to my question, and many other useful pieces of guidance.   Thanks, Lorelle!