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A year with Google AdSense…and $19 richer!

I added Google AdSense to my blog in December of 2005. As I said back then, I was curious how it would work for me.


Upgrade in progress

I’m upgrading the version of WordPress (the software that runs this blog) on my server. This is a periodically necessary process in order to keep up with security updates.

Some site features may temporarily disappear during the upgrade, and should re-appear once the upgrade is complete. It is also likely that there will […]

Cleaning up…

Irene is going in for her second hip surgery next week. I’ll be working from home for a while as she recovers and gets mobile. In preparation for this, I’m taking *this* week off to re-organize my office and take care of a few other things around the house to make things ready for […]

Proving I’m kinda stupid…

On Thursday I decided to install some driver updates for Vista. ATI has a new video driver, version 7.2. I had this crazy idea that this might solve my problem with putting the computer in standby mode. The rest of what happened is proof that, despite having a moderately high intelligence, I’m often rather […]

Nimbus to be “it”ified tomorrow…

Our kittens are growing up…Nimbus goes tomorrow to have his “bits” removed.

It’s a comparatively minor operation for the male cats, with very little risk. It’s also essential if you consider yourself an even remotely responsible pet owner.


One more Vexing Vista Problem “solved”

Vista has a fancy utility program to help manage photographs and videos called “Windows Photo Gallery”. It has a bunch of nice features like the ability to tag images, and to automatically categorize them by date.


The continuing Vista saga

I keep making headway regarding outstanding problems with my migration to Vista. It appears that I’ve overcome the problem with EQ2Map Updater.

Apparently, some of the files in the map directory for EQ2Maps (E.G.: C:\Program Files (x86)\Sony\EverQuest II\UI\EQ2MAP) are/became read only. I removed the read only property and then EQ2Map Update stopped freezing […]

Another Vista problem and solution…

I’ve been having some “odd” email problems since installing Vista. One of my email accounts (Telus) fails (times out) with an error 0x800CCC19 whenever there is an email in my inbox longer than about one or two kilobytes. If I use my email service’s web interface and delete any such messages, the connection works […]

Vista revisited…

I’ve installed Vista with the “new” ATI drivers that support OpenGL. The process has been less “fun” than I’d like thus far, and I don’t yet have my favorite games working. Here are a few of the little problems I’ve encountered


Vista released…and ATI release driver with OpenGL support

ATI released their “production” Vista driver on January 29th. And it apparently has native OpenGL support, at least according to this extract from the release notes: