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Technical difficulties

I run my main computer slightly on the edge. I don’t overclock it, but I do have some of the latest hardware inside, and the latest drivers. I build (assemble the bits, install and configure the OS) it myself not because I consider myself particularly brilliant, but because it sort of makes me feel […]

More kitten photos- Nimbus

Nimbus has been with us for over a month now, and has been doing a great job doing what kittens do. It seemed like a good time about four or five days ago to take a batch of photos of him, and I’ve just finished putting them into the gallery.


Christmas day at Judy and Bryan’s house

We had a great day at Judy and Bryan’s place today. My brother Colin, his wife Betty, and two of their children, Jacey and Troy, drove up from Edmonton for the Holidays.


Merry Christmas!

It’s December 25th…I’m still wearing my PJs and robe and it’s fast approaching noon- it must be a good day 🙂

Christmas has been good to Irene and I this year. We have each other, and our cats are all healthy and happy at the moment. We are going over to my Sister and […]

Dumb time to catch a cold…

I’m struggling at the moment to avoid catching a cold. I’m taking an extended break from work for the Christmas season this year, and what happens as my first day begins? I start to feel a sore throat. My head starts to feel “thick”, like I’m seeing/thinking/hearing through a layer of cotton.


Vista cometh…but no ATI OpenGL yet??!!

I’m not exactly known for my patience. You could probably find my picture next to the Wikipedia entry for “instant gratification”. If I decide I want a gadget, I’ll usually mull it over for some months, but when I make the final decision…there is no hesitation. Don’t stand in my way in Best Buy…several […]