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Replace my computer with an iPod? I don’t think so…

Walter Mossberg of the Wall Street Journal penned an article the other day about how the Personal Computer era may be ending, to be replaced by … I’m not really sure, I guess he’s saying purpose built devices for particular purposes. Actually, the way I read his article, I think he’s saying that the […]

Blog spam, content theft, and other fun things

When I converted my site to a “for real” blog using WordPress about a year ago after nearly a decade “pretend” blogging, it was like I’d moved into a nice, upscale neighborhood. The neighbors were friendly and reasonably intelligent, and everyone’s yard was tidy. The rare comments to my site were reasonably intelligent, and […]

Ecto 2 error message makes me smile…

Ecto is a great “off line” blog post editor, and I strongly recommend it for anyone who posts a lot to one of the types of blogs it supports.  Version 2 of Ecto for Windows was just released recently.


Sigil answers questions about Vanguard switch to SoE

I mentioned a day or so ago that Vanguard is no longer going to be published by Microsoft. The reaction on the official Vanguard forums has been somewhat over-the-top, to put it mildly.


High end keyless car security …less secure than a key

If you buy an upscale new car today or in the near future, say a BMW, Mercedes, or Cadillac, there’s a good chance that you won’t have a key. Instead, you’ll have a little fob- sort of like the keyless entry control you are likely used to. To start the car, you’ll just push […]

Ultimate Tag Warrior, Ecto, and other fun things

I have become increasingly intrigued with the concept of “tagging” in blogs over the past year or so. Tagging is a way for someone posting a blog entry (or other web content) to include some sort of categorization hints in the form of keywords. Specialized search engines like Technorati can then use those keywords […]

Now this is a legal disclaimer…

I was reading a disclaimer today regarding the Internet that was written in response to/was inspired by an equally thorough disclaimer written for a rock preserve (whatever that is).


Sigil’s Vanguard to be published by Sony, Microsoft punted…

A few years back, several of the key players in the development of EverQuest left. Brad McQuaid, Jeff Butler, and numerous others set out on their own to form up a new game company (Sigil) to develop a new game (Vanguard). Microsoft funded Sigil, and there were great expectations amongst some gamers regarding how […]

“Vanity sizing” for womens clothing…

Over on Dave Berry’s blog is a link to an article about a strange trend in how women’s clothing is labelled.