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Folding fitted sheets…

I was over on Ensellitis’ blog [1] today catching up on what he’s said during the past few weeks. He posted a collection “Stupid Links” [2] a week or so ago, and I hate to say it but one of the links wasn’t so stupid 🙂

The link pointed to a single page set of instructions explaining how to fold a fitted sheet [3]. If you ever looked in our linen closet, you’d find that neither my wife nor I have never mastered this. We hate folding fitted sheets. Our attempts look more like we sort of wadded the sheet up and flattened it by jumping on it a few times. We try- really we do. But it never quite works out.

Now we have instructions…I somehow doubt it will help. The part about having a “table” to fold on is a fantasy in our house: all flat surfaces are covered by cats or cat hair, so our folding takes place in mid air. But the approach is intriguing, and with the existence of instructions comes both hope and the realization that, since someone made the instructions, then perhaps we aren’t the only folding-challenged people on the planet.