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Oblivion: still fun after several weeks…and the death of a demi-god

Oblivion has been and continues to be a fascinating game for me.  I know full well that some people claim to have completed the main quest in as little as a couple of days, but I’m now up to over 70 hours of play time…and I’m still not finished. 

The main quest isn’t […]

Folding fitted sheets…

I was over on Ensellitis’ blog today catching up on what he’s said during the past few weeks. He posted a collection “Stupid Links” a week or so ago, and I hate to say it but one of the links wasn’t so stupid 🙂


Microsoft’s new error reporting feature- WE-SYP

Microsoft is giving clearer and clearer signs that they really “get” the frustration and pain their complex and sometimes buggy software causes.  Their error reporting features within Windows XP have allowed Microsoft to reduce system problems significantly.  But what’s next?


Mary Carey running for governor of California

I was browsing through my blog feeds today and came across a reference to Mary Carey, a well known porn star, who has decided she’d like to earn more for screwing people. Yes, that’s right, she’s decided to become a politician. She’s gathering signatures so that she can be listed on the next election for […]

Microsoft Windows Vista Upgrade Advisor not compatible with Windows XP X64

I enjoy…perhaps that’s the wrong word, but I’ll use it for now…catching vendors in obvious disconnects between words and action. Here is one I just found:

Microsoft keeps harping on developers, particularly hardware developers, to support the 64 bit versions of Windows… […]

Ecto 2.0 for Windows and Ultimate Tag Warrior revisited

I mentioned previously that I had installed Ultimate Tag Warrior on my site.  In that posting, I implied that I had Ecto for Windows working with UTW.  The truth is, it only seemed to be working- in reality, Ecto was creating tags that UTW could work with, but it wasn’t able to read […]

Blog spam continues to pour in: Akismet starting to miss some…

It’s old news for the big bloggers, but for me its somewhat novel- the sheer volume of spam comments to my blog is growing at an amazing pace. You don’t see the spam in my comments because I both use Akismet (the spam filter for WordPress 2.x blogs) and moderate all comments. But here […]

“Art” versus “Design”

I spent a few minutes the other day following a series of threads about a disagreement between a website designer and a “famous” blogger. In summary: a guy paid for someone to re-design their website. Some people criticized the design, and the guy who paid said “anything that’s wrong here is my fault”. Someone […]

Irene wants to play EverQuest….

I’ve been playing computer games for…<shudder> decades. The first computer game I played was probably a text adventure game I hand-typed into my Apple II from a magazine. I saved it to cassette tape…I think the game had something to do with exploring an abandoned mine, but I’m not sure. That would have been […]

Vanguard’s move to SOE because of Microsoft Vista exclusive?

I mentioned in previous postings that Vanguard, an upcoming MMOG originally to be published by Microsoft, has now switched publishers to Sony. This is interesting at least in part because the founders of Sigil, the developers of Vanguard, originally jumped ship from Sony’s EverQuest team to develop their game.