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Microsoft wants *you* to try IE 7 Beta…

Microsoft is on its second beta of Internet Explorer 7 [1], and they really want people to download and use it. I’ve been telling people who are having problems seeing my website “correctly” to use Firefox since IE 6 is full of CSS and DOM rendering bugs [2]. IE7 will fix most of those problems, and the Beta actually looks reasonably good.

My site on IE 6

My site on Internet Explorer 6

My site on IE7
My site on Internet Explorer 7 Beta

So now I have a new option: if you don’t want to use Firefox and don’t like how my site looks, download IE 7 Beta 2 [3]. Unlike with Firefox, it doesn’t appear that you can run IE7 alongside the old version of IE*- IE7 completely replaces IE6. Be warned, although IE7 seems reasonably stable. Please be aware that I really *do* spend time (sometimes many hours) trying to make certain features of my site work better with IE6…but I’m not inclined to remove/completely re-write those features to work around obvious bugs in Internet Explorer.
The final version is expected to be released during the “second half of this year”, whatever that means.

*You could easily prove me wrong- I haven’t played with it much