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Google upset about IE7 search default…are they blind?

Apparently Google is taking Microsoft to task over the new search bar built in to Internet Explorer 7. The Googleheads are upset over the fact that this search bar defaults to using Microsoft’s own MSN search.

First let’s set aside the obvious fact that Firefox “defaults” to using Google, and no one complains about […]

Nintendo Wii- Dumbest Name Ever

The “new generation” game consoles are stacking up to be pretty impressive. All of them are based on variations of the IBM Cell processor technology. The first out was Microsoft’s XBox 360, soon to be followed by Sony’s PlayStation 3 and Nintendo’s entry which was, until a few days ago, code named “Revolution”.


Strange computer behavior: IE7 and Firefox don’t get along?

I installed the IE7 beta on my computer earlier this week, and it *seemed* (on first glance) to be working fine alongside Firefox. But then I started noticing strangeness. My computer auto-rebooted several times due to failure of \WINDOWS\system32\lsass.exe, in one case involving the wdigest.dll module: this might be an indicator of several varieties […]

iToilet: when iPod accessories go too far…

I own an iPod. Not because I’m an Apple fan, but because the iPod works very well (the UI is good) and their music service fits the way I like to buy and manage my music. One thing that I thought was kind of neat about the iPod was the huge variety of third […]

The man with exploding arms…

I was lying half-unconscious on the couch tonight and ended up watching some programs on Discovery channel. One was about strange things removed from humans (E.G.: the cop who had a 6′ long section of a mobile home stuck in his chest), then there was a show with the provocative title “The Man With […]

Microsoft wants *you* to try IE 7 Beta…

Microsoft is on its second beta of Internet Explorer 7, and they really want people to download and use it. I’ve been telling people who are having problems seeing my website “correctly” to use Firefox since IE 6 is full of CSS and DOM rendering bugs. IE7 will fix most of those problems, and […]

Messing around with my site appearance

If the site looks a little “broken” at the moment, that’s my fault. I decided it would be interesting to try a new(ish) option for WordPress called “widgets” which, in theory, will make it easier for me to customize the layout of my site. Before I can do that, I have to be using […]

Excedrin Headache #456…

A man in Oregon apparently had a bit of a headache last year. When surgeons at the emergency ward checked him out, they found 12 nails embedded in his skull.


Bloggus Interruptus- why I post irregularly

There are times here in Kelly’s World when I post not just daily, but several times a day. This is usually followed by periods of time during which I’m basically silent- sometimes two or three days, occasionally a week or two.


Happy (?) Easter

I’m not a Christian. I’m also not an athiest. I’m in that dangerous middle-zone: I’m an agnostic.

Being an agnostic means the jury is still out, and in my case always will be. I don’t believe in “God” as described in any theism. But I also think there is an amazing wonder to the […]