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Sony Portable Reader- eBooks made reasonable

I’ve been casually following the story of the Sony Portable Reader– it only became really interesting to me when the price range was announced (around $400 US).


Its true: Alienware has been bought by Dell

I was really hoping it wasn’t true, but apparently it is: Alienware is being bought by Dell.

Why don’t I want it t be true? Well, Alienware builds hand-made boutique machines for the serious gamer. Dell builds commodity by the tens of millions for the home consumer. Dell is so much bigger than Alienware […]

Irene’s recuperation plan- horse hugs

Irene still can’t bend over, she needs my help to get in and out of bed, and she still hasn’t managed to make herself a meal yet. But she *can* walk across a field on crutches and hug her horse 🙂

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Sleep eating…that explains my pot belly

Apparently some folks taking a sleep aid named Ambien are experiencing episodes of sleep eating. They wake up to find their kitchen in disarray, crumbs in their bed, and a full feeling in their stomach.


RFID viruses? Tinfoil hat brigade thinks so…

According to some tinfoil hat wearing alarmists in the Netherlands, RFID chips can carry computer viruses

Now, normally, I’d just pass this off as more stupidity generated by the ignorant media. But the guys saying this have degrees, so this is a different class of quackery entirely.


Fusion drinks- Coca Cola Blak coming soon

Apparently someone at …Coke thinks all of us sophisticated urban folks want to mix our Starbucks with some cola. Off the top of my head, I can’t see why.


Bloggers getting burned out by marketing pitches

I was reading a post over on Scobleizer about how the “A list” bloggers are getting worn out. Its a telling statement about what has been going on with blogs recently when you realize he’s talking about the bloggers being tired of the never-ending flood of people/products/companies asking to be featured in a blog […]

Apparently there is big money in vibrators…

I was reading today about Sony’s legal battles with Immersion regarding game controllers that vibrate. The story itself is the usual: Immersion patented certain technologies that make game pads and the like go “bump”, and Sony apparently used the same basic technology without paying Immersion’s licensing fees.


Printing WordPress blog entries made easier

My Mom must love me- she actually has printed out one or two of my blog entries. But until tonight, printing one of my blog entries wasn’t exactly easy. I’ve taken care of that now…

I’ve added a new plugin to my WordPress blog- WP-Print by Lester Chan. It seems to be working great: […]

Irene is home: power chairs and flowers

Irene is back at home since yesterday after her hip replacement, and she’s doing really well. The big challenge at the moment is getting her to eat. She occasionally feels dizzy or light headed, but I figure she’s been eating at most a thousand calories a day over the past five days, not counting […]