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What the president really said…

Sometimes a little judicious editing can reveal the real truth in what even someone like George Bush says.

Hurrah for the President! And even without editing, its clear he really knows his sovereign is really…sovereign.


Science, persistence, and NASA

I was reading Discover magazine today and found an article about the New Horizons project. Basically, its a robotic exploration craft being sent to Pluto to gather some close-in data on the 9th planet. If you want to see some insider photos of the New Horizons craft and its launch, you can check out […]

Back from Victoria…

We had a pretty good weekend in Retirementland this past weekend. The stay at the Empress was good fun, and we had a decent visit with Irene’s folks. You can click the picture below if you want to browse through the photos I took.


On my way to Victoria…

My wife and I are heading over to Vancouver Island to visit with her folks. To turn it into a bit of a “vacation”, we’ll be staying in the Empress hotel. I’ve walked past it several times before, but this will be the first time I’ve actually gone in…and certainly the first time I’ve […]

Toxoplasma parasites a cause of schizophrenia?

I was reading today about a new study that shows that rats infected with toxoplasma parasites are “controlled” by the parasite to perform acts beneficial to it. Some of these acts are decidedly suicidal for the poor rat, unfortunately, like being attracted to the smell of cat urine.


World record set for human flight distance

Steve Fossett, a millionaire who likes to break records, has successfully completed a flight setting a new world record for solo non-stop distance. His plane, the GlobalFlyer, was designed and built by Scaled Composites, the same folks who designed and built the first privately funded “space ship”, SpaceShipOne.


Fun with search engines…or why the title of this site changed today

Hello, my name is Kelly Adams….and I’m a searchaholic.

I like to Google. Google is my friend. Well, most of the time its my friend. Until, that is, I search for myself on the vast frontier land that is the Internet. Go ahead, try it yourself: search for “Kelly Adams” (use the quotes). […]

NSLU2 (Linksys networked storage) and Linux SMB/Samba

I really do like my little Linksys storage link. But I’ve run into a problem with it that is perplexing.


Disney trades human being for cartoon character…

I got a chuckle out of reading this on Slashdot today.

Basically, Disney Corp has acquired the copyright to an original Disney character (Oswald the Lucky Rabbit) by trading their employment contract for human sportscaster Al Michaels to NBC. Ub Iwerks, who created Oswald the Lucky Rabbit and, arguably, Mickey Mouse, seems like a […]

Will Matrixstream do for IPTV what Vonage did for VOIP?

Voice over IP is so last year. Now companies are looking at delivering television and movies to your home over the Internet. And MatrixStream has hardware and software they hope will make it happen. This posting isn’t a review, really: I don’t have the hardware product, and the software product is still in beta […]