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Network Storage almost in the palm of my hand…

I’ve started on my 2006 computer upgrade process. The first thing I wanted to get done was to set up network storage for backup and file sharing on my home network. I’m forever rebuilding computers, so anything that looks like a full-blooded computer ends up disconnected or “changed” too often. So I decided some […]

Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG): another Firefox advantage

I’ve heard of SVG before, and was vaguely aware that Firefox 1.5 included an SVG rendering system in its standard feature set. But I hadn’t really played with it, so I didn’t have much of a sense of its value.


Cold box, within a cold box, within a warm box…

Our fridge died about three weeks ago. About two weeks ago, the service guy looked at it and said “the compressor is dead”. Today, the technician came back with parts in hand and welded in a new compressor. Our fridge is once again making itself cold inside.


Election day 2006

Today we have our federal election here in Canada. I am not a big fan of politicians, but I guess I have to participate in the electoral process. So, I’ll go and put my X in a box, voting in party that will probably find some way to screw up my life, waste my […]

Dungeons and Dragons Online- Beta/Preview thoughts

I’ve played D&D Online a grand total of maybe 15 hours. I was part of a stress test and now a preview of the game. Apparently the non disclosure agreement has been lifted, so I can make a few comments.



I have a really poor track record when it comes to physical fitness. A couple of years ago I bought a bowflex, and my wife and I spent about seven or eight months actually exercising each day. That was probably about as long a stretch of reasonably consistent “fitness” activity as I’ve ever managed. […]

Uncanny Valley…

I’ve heard people say that they prefer the graphics in World of Warcraft over those in EverQuest 2. The discussions I’ve had with people about why they feel this way seem to boil down to a description of the characters in EQ looking “plastic”, “like corpses”, or “not cool”.


HD DVD versus Blu-Ray…

You probably own a DVD player, and likely a number of DVD movies. But if you have or are thinking about buying a high definition television, there is one thing you should be aware of…

Your DVDs aren’t high definition. And in fact, the DVD format (approx 4 GB) can’t store enough data to […]

Quiet Mach 6 Wind Tunnel…and the spelunker who cleans it

I was reading today about the Purdue University wind tunnel that has been completed recently. Its main claim to fame is that it can generate “quiet” (non-turbulent) air streams running at Mach 6. This is important, apparently, for the testing and development of scramjet and similiar technologies.


Teenager incites excessive page refresh, faces jail time

A student at a Canton, Ohio high school has been arrested and thrown in jail for inciting a devious computer crime. I’m somewhat fearful to reveal the details of his horrid crime, since spreading knowledge of such nefarious criminality could undo the very fabric of the modern internet.