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Worst. Movie. Ever.

Its been one of those days…not much I want to do, not much I have to do. So, I tuned in a movie on one of the “free” movie channels. The title sounded cheesy, but you never know: Dracula 3000- Infinite Darkness. Its a science fiction movie set in the year 3000, wherein an […]

Smokin’ hot CPU

We had a power failure today at our house while I was at work. When I got home I restarted my web server and it ran for about a minute then shut itself off. I tried this a second time, and enjoyed a repeat performance.


Playing on Easy…

I play a fair number of computer games. Many of these games have a difficulty setting when you play them: Easy…Normal…Intermediate…Difficult. I usually pick either Easy or Normal.

Am I a “loser”? Fair question, but actually I often ask exactly the opposite question: are people who who play on “difficult” losers?


Lest we forget…hug a veteran!

Tomorrow is Remembrance Day. I’m more or less anti-war, pro-peace. But I have a ton of respect for people who serve their country and put themselves in harms way.

I’m prone to forget what Remembrance Day is all about- I don’t think I’m alone in that. But I really shouldn’t ever forget- my Mom […]

Blog timetravel…or when timestamps collide

I just spent fifteen minutes or so trying to figure out why a blog post I edited here disappeared. Apparently, between my blog editor (Ecto) and my blog software (WordPress), I have discovered a new form of time travel.


Tom’s Hardware/Den Guru 2005 Holiday Buyers guide…and more of Teresa

I visit the Tom’s Hardware site periodically for computer hardware reviews. But they’ve spun off some related sites recently, including one called “Den Guru” that focuses on home electronics.