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EverQuest celebrates Halloween more than I do…

I’m not really a big “halloween” person. Our house is the one on the block with the shades pulled down and the lights out on halloween night. But I do appreciate good game design effort.

The folks at Sony have added some “halloween” cheer to the world of Norrath in EverQuest II. There is […]

I’m baaack…

My various websites have been off line this weekend. And so have I…no EverQuest 2 for me, and no logging in to the office to do my work.


Teresa Noreen- whats she up to now?

I previously posted about Teresa Noreen’s entry in the Antonia Bayle look-alike contest for EverQuest. She didn’t get selected, but it seems like Teresa’s modelling career didn’t suffer for the loss at all.


I’ve been touched by his noodly appendage!

Kansas has enacted new laws to permit instruction in “Intelligent Design” (I.E. God created Earth and all life 6,000 years ago…) in schools. At first, I was horrified by this: school is for instruction in math, sciences, literature and history, not for the teaching of faith masquerading as fact. But then, I was enlightened: […]

Semi-annual hacking…

This server has been down more or less continuously for the last 24 hours. It was all part of the semi-annual celebration known as “Hack Day”, which is always accompanied by games such as “Whack a Hacker” and “Patch Roulette”.


The danger of knowing too much…

I’m catching up on some reading while I’m sick with the flu. I finished reading “The Da Vinci Code”, which was a lot better than I expected. Basically, a mystery novel with a bit of the old conspiracy theory “fantasy” mixed in, combined with what seemed to be impeccable fact finding to provide just […]