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Living dead…

I’m worn out and tired today. I’m feeling like I’m starting to catch a cold. It rained all day, and my car still isn’t fixed.

As I shuffled about the house, trying to keep my last few functioning neurons firing, I realized it was good to be alive. I also realized I hadn’t posted […]

Some days it doesn’t pay to get out of bed…

I was driving in to work this morning…the usual stop and go on Highway 1. I had just entered the highway and noticed traffic had come to a complete stop. I came to a complete stop, and a second later my car was propelled forward a couple yards into the car in front of […]

XBox thoughts

I’ve had my XBox for a little over a week now. In that time, I’ve played maybe 10 hours on the box, and spent another 5 hours putzing with setup and hardware. I now feel qualified to offer a bit of an opinion.

I’d say that Microsoft’s XBox is a pretty cool piece of […]

The Moon…

We had a full moon last night, and I decided to try some (totally informal) experimenting in “astrophotography”

I took this picture with my Canon digital SLR and a 75-300 mm zoom lens. I cropped the original image and applied some simple lighting adjustments to improve the contrast.


FEMA head should be fired

Apparently President Bush has turned FEMA responsibility for the Katrina catastrophe over to a coast guard Admiral, sending FEMA head Michael Brown back home.


Hulk Smash! I might just have to buy an XBox…

Apparently there has been a new Incredible Hulk console game, and it is good.

I sometimes like mindless violence in my games, and I can’t think of a better character to play for a bit of mindless violence than the Big Green Guy. The first incredible hulk game got luke warm reviews, but so […]

A few more site theme “niggles” fixed…

As I have mentioned before, I am using a slightly modified version of a theme from Ensellitis here.


Office politics erupts

Two secretaries at an Australian law firm lost their jobs a few days ago. Apparently they exchanged a series of escalating emails (read the series of emails from the bottom up) that all started with one of the secretaries either misplacing or having her lunch stolen.


Slashdot changed their RSS feed URL and never told me!


I just spent nearly two hours figuring out that Slashdot has changed the URL of their RSS feed. Their old RSS feed URL ( generates a 301 “Moved Permanently” HTTP error. If you are using a browser, this will redirect you automatically to the redirect URL, which is


Bilbo safe and reasonably sound…

My wife Irene called me on the phone at about 7:00 am on Friday morning. This confused me: I was working from home and thus sleeping in until around 7:30, and Irene doesn’t normally leave for work until about 8:00 am. The morning brain-fog cleared a bit, though, when Irene explained that she was […]