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Anniversary celebration

July 31st is the date that my sister Judy and her husband Bryan got married. 40 years have passed since that fateful day (“It was a dark and stormy night… [1]“), and Judy organized a big get together to celebrate. But being the kind of person she is, she expanded the party to include celebration of Shane and Monique’s wedding as well as Irene and my wedding…all based on the fact that we were married sometime in July.

I had a great time. Irene’s hip acted up, so we left maybe a little earlier than we wanted to…but the food was great, it was fun talking to people I don’t see often enough, and I had a few laughs. I took a bunch of pictures [2] so you can share a bit in the fun.

Judy and Bryan- 2005 anniversary [2]

Happy Anniversary, Judy and Bryan!