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Newsflash: Blogging is getting common!

I came across this article earlier today by some guy who I don’t know about some other guys I don’t know and how the other guys blogs no longer rule the Blogosphere or something.


Little pieces of history

I am generally not a war-like guy- some might even call me a peacenik. That said, I have great respect for people who serve in the military. And I also find the “hardware” of war fascinating. Stealth bombers, laser guided missiles, ICBMs, tanks…rifles, bayonets, gas masks…swords, armour, and helmets.

A few years ago, Irene’s […]

Sasha gone…

Our cat Sasha died Wednesday just after 11:00 pm. It was pretty sudden- she was fine Wednesday morning, a little off around dinner time, and in shock by bedtime. We rushed her to the emergency vet, but they couldn’t save her. It looks like she was sick and respirated some vomit, and this was […]

Sacred and Windows XP x64

I bought Sacred by Ascaron the other day. Its a pretty good game, basically a super-sized Diablo with a huge world to run around in. There is only one problem: it doesn’t run on my computer.


Kid’s charged for “hacking” school computers…

Thirteen high school students in Kutztown, Pennsylvania have been criminally charged for “hacking” their high school provided laptops. Some relatives of the teenagers have set up a website to tell their side of the story.


Congratulations to the new Antonia Bayle…

Sony and Stuff have announced the winner of the Antonia Bayle contest.

Anna Wainscoat wasn’t my choice- I felt Teresa Noreen was closer in appearance to the Queen of Qeynos and seemed more interested in EverQuest and its players, but…who knows? Anna bears at least a passing resemblance to Antonia, and maybe she actually […]

EverQuest 2- the Rise of Isolation in MMOGs

Back in the bad old days (circa 1999), massively multi-player online games allowed player to player interaction. I’m not talking about player killing: I’m referring to the ability of one player’s actions to impact another, for good or ill. Then things began to change… […]


Yesterday was the day Chris and I went to the Abbotsford airshow. Its one of our traditions, and one that I really enjoy. I’ve placed a ton of pictures in the album…


Chris’ visit; our trip to the lake

My friend Chris is out here on the coast visiting. We went today to Harrison Lake and rented a boat. I’m slightly sun and wind burnt, and a bit tired, but it was a hoot.

Yay for Google!

Google is supposedly about to start providing RSS feeds of their Google News headlines.

That’s great, and I guess I’ll have to switch over from using my own Google feed scraper program. Its been working pretty well for the last few months, but maintaining it has always been a bit of a pain. That […]