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Moon Landing Conspiracy!

The Apollo moon landings were all fake. If you believe that, I imagine you also believe that Santa lives at the North Pole, and all Politicians are always scrupulously honest.

Not to be dissuaded by facts or logic, there are still a surprising number of people, most of whom have not had lobotomies and […]

Google news feed down…

You may have noticed that the Google news feed at the top of this page is basically blank. Google has redesigned their website slightly, and my fragile parsing code is currently broken as a result.


Edmonton: there and back again

I went on a road trip last week, packing my Mom and sister Connie into the car and driving to Edmonton. It was a quick trip, just to spend a day or two visiting my family back there. I took some pictures as we travelled, but of them all I think I might like […]

Doom 3

I’m playing Doom3 at the moment. Its the most claustrophobic, frightening, heart-rate-increasing game I’ve ever played. I’m far from finished (barely even started), so I’m not yet ready to write a review or form a final opinion. Consider this an “early review”.