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Disposable $600 iPods…

I was reading a story the other day about how Apple’s $600 iPod is actually a disposable music player. Basically, its rechargable battery isn’t replacable. And, at least initially, Apple’s policy was to charge for $300 for full refurbishment when the battery inevitably died.

I started thinking…I actually believe that most of these fancy digital MP3 players like the iPod have exactly this same design. The batteries are non-replacable. The more I think about the idea of a $400+ item having a disposable 1-2 year lifespan, the more disgusted I become. And I’m just as disgusted with myself for not noticing this “feature” as I am for the manufacturers for designing these players this way.

I can’t really argue with the idea that most people will replace something electronic like an MP3 player every couple of years. Its the nature of the technology “race” that is going on every day: the features on a new player two years from now will likely make it very attractive to the average technophile. But at least replaceable batteries maintain the illusion that the item has some sort of longevity.

What does it say about us…me…that we didn’t notice that most if not all digital MP3 players are disposable, with no ability to replace the rechargable batteries they use? I find it both amusing and sad to note that the fellow who brought the iPod’s disposable nature to light ultimately threw his away and bought a brand new one…

By the way, I don’t own an iPod or any other digital MP3 player…yet.

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